What Really Needs Done After Water Damages You Home

Benefits That Will Come From Waterproofing Your Basement

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As a homeowner, you may want to consider hiring someone to waterproof your basement. To help you understand why this is so important, you will want to take a look at the following benefits that come from this type of work. Increased Energy Efficiency When you have all of the walls in the basement waterproofed, you will find that the entire home will be more energy efficient, especially if you had cracks in the walls. The waterproofing process will seal all of the cracks, both big and small, so no outside air will be able to come into your basement. This means your HVAC system will not have to work as hard to keep your home at your desired temperature, which in turn means you can save money on your utility bills. Additional Usable Living Space If your basement is not waterproofed and therefore it allows some moisture to come into the basement, you are not going to be able to turn that area into a functional living space. This is because anything that you have in the basement is at risk for being damaged. Therefore, once the basement has been waterproofed, you will be able to turn part of your basement into a family room, play room, or game room. You could just leave it as storage space if you want, but you will now at least no longer have to worry as much about your cherished items becoming damaged from moisture. Your Home Is Better Protected When a basement is not properly waterproofed, there is a chance of water coming in. The moisture and the humidity in the air that is created from the leaking walls can produce mold all over the basement. Since mold spores can spread, you could potentially find that your entire house has a problem with mold. This would result in a lot of money on mold removal specialists, contractors, and new building materials. The mold spores can also be very toxic to your health, especially to anyone in the home that has any breathing problems to begin with. Therefore, it is best to simply invest in the waterproofing of your basement in order to avoid such issues. With just those three benefits in mind, you should have no problem seeing how your home could benefit from having the basement waterproofed. All you need to do now is to make sure that you are finding the best waterproofing company to do the job for you. Talk to a company like Paul’s Basement Waterproofing for more...

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The Praises Of Razing: When The Only Way To Restore Property Is To Tear It Down

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There are many reasons why damage contractors would opt to raze your home to the ground. Most of the reasons relate to total restoration expense versus the cost of razing and rebuilding. Here are the reasons why your damage contractor might suggest tearing down your home and rebuilding it instead of restoring affected areas. The Mold Is Lethal and Widespread That little patch of mold you see in your attic may not be so little. Worse still, a damage contractor may uncover some unpleasant details about it, e.g., it is the lethal or potentially deadly kind, it is hiding inside many of your home’s walls and not just the attic, etc. When your mold problem is this dangerous, it is less costly to tear the house down and rebuild it than it is to rip away the affected sections and hope the mold spores do not spread to the “healthy” sections during the restoration process. Tornadoes Took Most of Your Home’s Load-Bearing Walls When tornado hits (yes, Canada does get them!) and it takes most of the load-bearing walls and timbers from your home, tearing the rest down just makes sense. The problem here is that, without your load-bearing walls, the restoration and damage contractors would have to pull apart and remove any dangerous and hazardous sections of your home that could fall and crush someone. They would have to do this before they put in new load-bearing walls to support any part of your home that is still salvageable. Then they have to reconstruct the areas of your home that are completely lost. The total cost could exceed your home’s value, which is why a total deconstruction/reconstruction may be offered. Your Home Is Saturated with Water and Smoke Fumes Even if firefighters are able to put out the fire on your home before it burns up a quarter of it, the fumes inside may be very toxic and may have invaded every open space inside your walls. Since you cannot extract those toxic fumes because they bond with the wood and insulation, you could be looking at a slow death. The amount of water necessary to put out the fire may also have created so much damage that, when combined with the toxic fumes, your house would not be worth saving unless you are determined to do so. You may have to have all of your belongings checked for toxic fumes, smoke, ash and water damage too. The Time Table for Razing vs. Restoration The time table for razing and reconstructing your home is about the same for restoration in all of the above situations. This is because damage contractors can only estimate time based on what they have found and what they can see. There may be a lot more unseen damage once the restoration process begins, extending the restoration process and time to completion. Your contractor could even get through a portion of the restoration process and then discover that tearing everything down is the only way to finish the project. Contact a company like ServiceMaster Of Edmonton Disaster Restoration for more...

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How To Make Your Janitorial Company Stand Out

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When you run a janitorial company, you provide the cleaning and maintenance needs of many businesses and homes. Make your company stand out among your competitors by adding a few needed services to your resume. Flood damage and restoration When a business or residence experiences a flood, what they are left with is a pool of water and possible damage to flooring, walls, and furniture. Businesses and homeowners often hire professional water restoration companies or damage contractors to clear the damage for them and make their property useable again. Water removal needs to be done quickly to help prevent mold growth and further damage. You can bring added benefit to homeowners and business owners by having this service available in the event they need it. You will need to invest in special fans and vacuums to remove water from the home, and have your staff get certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in order to add this as a specialty to your janitorial services. If you are planning on adding damage contracting to your company’s provided services, you may also want to consider training for fire damage and cleanup as well. This way, businesses and homeowners can rely on just one contractor to both clean their home and repair any damage that has occurred due to fire or water. Emergency response You can make your company stand out from competitors by offering emergency response personnel whenever you are needed. A business may experience a sudden dust storm that makes their office dirty, or home may have a large party that they need cleaned up quickly. When you advertise your janitorial company as one that is available 24/7, you need to be prepared to clean up a variety of spills and messes at any time. Having a company van that is fully equipped with cleaning supplies, vacuums, and carpet cleaners is a great way to be on-the-ready whenever you get the call. What you should do before you add on to your company  Before you qualify your company to do any additional services beyond cleaning, make sure you have the appropriate training and supplies to safely perform certain jobs. You may also want to check with local ordinances to make sure your company has permission to do both damage contracting work and janitorial work at the same time. As long as you are following the right guidelines, you should be able to perform both. Your janitorial company can benefit in many ways from adding onto your business. Consider 24/7 emergency response and adding damage restoration and cleaning to your list of services, and you can make your company stand out among all other basic competition. Read more...

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