The Praises Of Razing: When The Only Way To Restore Property Is To Tear It Down


There are many reasons why damage contractors would opt to raze your home to the ground. Most of the reasons relate to total restoration expense versus the cost of razing and rebuilding. Here are the reasons why your damage contractor might suggest tearing down your home and rebuilding it instead of restoring affected areas. The Mold Is Lethal and Widespread That little patch of mold you see in your attic may not be so little.

3 June 2015

How To Make Your Janitorial Company Stand Out


When you run a janitorial company, you provide the cleaning and maintenance needs of many businesses and homes. Make your company stand out among your competitors by adding a few needed services to your resume. Flood damage and restoration When a business or residence experiences a flood, what they are left with is a pool of water and possible damage to flooring, walls, and furniture. Businesses and homeowners often hire professional water restoration companies or damage contractors to clear the damage for them and make their property useable again.

6 April 2015