How To Make Your Janitorial Company Stand Out


When you run a janitorial company, you provide the cleaning and maintenance needs of many businesses and homes. Make your company stand out among your competitors by adding a few needed services to your resume.

Flood damage and restoration

When a business or residence experiences a flood, what they are left with is a pool of water and possible damage to flooring, walls, and furniture. Businesses and homeowners often hire professional water restoration companies or damage contractors to clear the damage for them and make their property useable again. Water removal needs to be done quickly to help prevent mold growth and further damage. You can bring added benefit to homeowners and business owners by having this service available in the event they need it. You will need to invest in special fans and vacuums to remove water from the home, and have your staff get certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in order to add this as a specialty to your janitorial services.

If you are planning on adding damage contracting to your company's provided services, you may also want to consider training for fire damage and cleanup as well. This way, businesses and homeowners can rely on just one contractor to both clean their home and repair any damage that has occurred due to fire or water.

Emergency response

You can make your company stand out from competitors by offering emergency response personnel whenever you are needed. A business may experience a sudden dust storm that makes their office dirty, or home may have a large party that they need cleaned up quickly. When you advertise your janitorial company as one that is available 24/7, you need to be prepared to clean up a variety of spills and messes at any time. Having a company van that is fully equipped with cleaning supplies, vacuums, and carpet cleaners is a great way to be on-the-ready whenever you get the call.

What you should do before you add on to your company 

Before you qualify your company to do any additional services beyond cleaning, make sure you have the appropriate training and supplies to safely perform certain jobs. You may also want to check with local ordinances to make sure your company has permission to do both damage contracting work and janitorial work at the same time. As long as you are following the right guidelines, you should be able to perform both.

Your janitorial company can benefit in many ways from adding onto your business. Consider 24/7 emergency response and adding damage restoration and cleaning to your list of services, and you can make your company stand out among all other basic competition. Read more here.


6 April 2015

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