Insight To Help You Clean Up And Restore Your Hardwood Floors After Water Damage


When you discover a water leak in your home, whether is has recently begun or has been occurring over a long period of time, you will need to clean it up and dry out the area quickly to restore your home. Here are some instructions to help you deal with a water leak on your wood floors and restore them. Remove the Water The first step in restoring your wood flooring is to clean up the water to prevent further moisture saturation.

29 November 2017

3 Things Necessary When Dealing With Excessive Water Damage


Have you recently moved to an area where a flooded home is a definite possibility? Not simply from a river or a stream but also from a frozen pipe potentially bursting in the middle of winter? Whatever the cause, dealing with a water damage can be challenging. For serious flooding, you should certainly hire a professional company to come out and restore the damaged section. But since they may not be able to start work immediately, especially in the case of widespread flooding, here are some things that you should do while you're waiting:

18 June 2017